Farmer Stash
Farmer Stash
Farmer Stash
Farmer Stash
Farmer Stash
Farmer Stash
Farmer Stash

Farmer Stash

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A surprise every week! The Farmer’s Stash is the best way to try a variety of pasture-raised meat and get the most bang for your buck.

Save an average of $10 on every box


Every week our farmers build a new box- whatever’s in stock, seasonal and delicious. The stashes are packed by value of the cuts rather than weight, so you're guaranteed to save money (an average of $110 worth of products for just $100).


Boxes are different every week, but mostly include pasture-raised chicken, beef, and pork products. Our goal is to fill your box with as many family-friendly items as possible, so expect more budget cuts like chicken thighs and ground beef. Our raw honey, wild tuna, bone broths, soups, marinated meats, and sausages may make it into your box from time to time too. We won’t include organs, soup bones or high-end cuts.

If you’re looking for a bigger box with value cuts, check out our Wrangler Stash.

Special requests are not accepted. If you have a question about our Stash program, email info@primalpastures.comIf you would like to select your own items, please shop a la carte in our online Farm Shop instead of ordering a stash.

ALLERGIES: Boxes may include products that are pre-marinated, sausages with spices, soups, etc.

Below is an example of a previous box. This is just a sample, boxes are different every week and may include different items than listed below.

Quantity Cut Price Extended
2 1lb Ground Beef 11.00 22.00
1 16oz Chicken Thigh 17.99 17.99
1 3-4lb Whole Chicken 34.99 34.99
1 1lb Chicken Drumsticks 11.79 11.79
1 Ground Pork 14.25 14.25
1 Wild Black Cod  11.99 11.99
1 Wild Tuna 7.50 7.50
-   TOTAL VALUE -   115.52
-   You paid -   100.00
-   You saved -   15.52


★★★★★ "I received my first Farmers Stash box today, I am blown away by how much was in the box. I'm super excited to start cooking! Thanks to the crew for giving a city girl the opportunity to get farm fresh products delivered right to my door." - Emily M.

★★★★★ "Cool packaging, nice sized portions, best and freshest tasting meat, poultry we have EVER tasted!" - Bri W.


Average box size What to Expect Recommended For Value of Meat Total Savings
Farmer Stash 10in x 10in Budget cuts like ground beef & chicken thighs First-time customers, busy people (aka everyone) $110 worth of meat for $100 Save $10
Wrangler Stash 12in x 12in More budget cuts like ground pork & chicken thighs Small families & meat lovers   $220 worth of meat for $200 Save $20
Cowboy Stash 12in x 16in Some steaks & roasts + budget cuts Plan-aheaders and families (stock up for the month) $330 worth of meat for $300 Save $30 + free shipping
Ranch Family Stash 16in x 24in High-end cuts and limited availability items + full range of cuts Meat lovers, big families and meat connoisseurs $440 worth of meat for $400 Save $40 + free shipping
Farmer Stash
Farmer Stash
Farmer Stash
Farmer Stash
Farmer Stash

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Wish we had more

I know it’s the stash but we are a family and I don’t know what to do with one steak & one piece of cod. It would’ve been nice to know this was meant for one person.


Farmer Stash

not what I expected

Was expecting a bit more, I know that each box might be different but the list of items that they said usually comes in the box, most didn't. Also not sure how to feed even just 2 people (though we have a family of 5) with one piece of fish. Maybe I need to get the bigger box, but most everything in there was only good for one person not even two.

Farmer stash

We received our Farmer Stash box, and of course, everything has tasted wonderful so far. We were bummed that this round we didn’t get any pork products and the only chicken was a pack of drumsticks. The rest was beef and a fillet of fish. It’s a great deal, but I was expecting a little bit more variety.

Pleasing the meat snobs :) with the Farmer Stash

My pets have a nose for goodness. The cat rarely eats meat or dairy from the store and the dogs turn up their nose at most meats - even bacon. Why ? Because it has a stench and humans have been immersed in the stench for so long we no longer recognize it as such. So, when I came across this company I had the hope that I found a better feeding option for the fuzzies. And I wasn't disappointed. The cat, who turns his nose up at everything, was the first to the stove sitting with obvious anticipation of what would follow the meaty aroma. The 3 dogs quickly followed. And all had a hard time sitting still as I cooked the first package of meat. Having grown up on a small farm I still remember what real meat tastes like and what it smells like when its being cooked. The taste and aroma is unmatched by the mass-produced meat that is common today. I wont even go into the poor treatment of the animals. Anyway, the meat was delicious. So far, the pets and I have had 3 meals with meat from Primal Pastures and their collaborators; ground beef, cod, and breakfast sausage. Pretty good stuff. I look forward to trying more product.