Starter Stash



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A surprise every week! The Starter Stash is the best way to try a variety of pasture-raised meat and get the most bang for your buck.

Save an average of $6 on every box


Every week our farmers build a new box- whatever’s in stock, seasonal and delicious. The stashes are packed by value of the cuts rather than weight, so you're guaranteed to save money (an average of $60 worth of products for just $54).


Boxes are different every week, but mostly include pasture-raised chicken, beef, and pork products. Our goal is to fill your box with as many family-friendly items as possible, so expect all budget cuts like chicken thighs and ground beef. Our wild tuna, marinated meats, and sausages will make it into your box. We won’t include organs, soup bones or high-end cuts.

If you’re looking for a bigger box with value cuts, check out our Farmer Stash.

Special requests are not accepted. If you have a question about our Stash program, email info@primalpastures.comIf you would like to select your own items, please shop a la carte in our online Farm Shop instead of ordering a stash.

ALLERGIES: Boxes may include products that are pre-marinated, sausages with spices, soups, etc.

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