Chicken Wing Pack
organic chicken wings
organic chicken wings
organic chicken wings

Chicken Wing Pack

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Perfect for the big game or upcoming party, these wings are unseasoned and ready for your favorite marinade. 

Pastured-raised, non-vegetarian-fed, worm-eating, bug-scratching, corn free, soy free, non-GMO PRIMAL Whole Chicken.  This bird was raised how chickens are meant to live: outside, on grass, with room to forage.  This might very well be the best chicken in the world and will surely be the best chicken you have ever had.


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organic chicken wings
organic chicken wings

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Blanche Keyser

Seriously, the cleanest more beautiful tasting meat ever! While chickens amazing flavor.. Bratwurst off the charts clean.

Lisa Rich

I like the chicken wings, they are just the right size for my sons and I love that the chickens eat only good things, no soy or chemicals. I’ve been to the primal pastures farm and really like their hearts for providing healthy meat that taste good

Nelia Amo

Chicken wings (meat) was too tough! I'm going back to my local butcher to get my chicken wings. After sampling your chicken wings I was quite disappointed. For the price, the sausage rendered too much fat and turned out to be not flavorful enough. I have not cooked the butter fish but I'm hoping that would be as good as I've read in some reviews.

Erika Sellin
Every bite perfect

So delicious. Took the marinade and barbecued. Everyone loved them. Will never have others again!

Emma Merilus

The best ever! It reminds me of my childhood how real chicken look and taste.