Primal Hog Pork Chops
Primal Hog Pork Chops
Primal Hog Pork Chops
Primal Hog Pork Chops

Primal Hog Pork Chops

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Experience what a real pork chop should taste like.  Free range, humanely raised, and fed a species appropriate diet, Primal Hog Pork Chops will change the way you think about pork forever.  This is our high end "Red" pork, sought out by many of Southern California's finest chefs.

All pork chops are 1" thick, bone in, and come packaged with two pork chops per package. 

All of our pork products come from Clear Creek Farms in Spalding, Nebraska. They are pasture raised and given no antibiotics or hormones.  They eat a natural omnivore diet of certified organic local and seasonal fruits, nuts, vegetables, soy free, GMO free grains and barley that has been soaked and sprouted in whey. This by far the best hog available.

Primal Hog Pork Chops
Primal Hog Pork Chops

Customer Reviews

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Pork Chops

Pork chops are great. They're moist and tender and taste like what I grew up with on the farm. Most other chops have no taste.

Brianna Salit

I cooked these very simply. Brined them for an hour, patted dry, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder then seared in a pan on both sides for 5 minutes. They were delicious.

Gina Kittel
Pork Chops

Not my favorite - not much meat, too much bone. The taste was good, but too much work just to get a few bites.

Amazing Pork Chops

These were fantastic, pan fried on cast iron.
I will order these again.

Suzanne Eastman
Pork chops

Tough and fatty!