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Saturday 12/09/17, 12-1pm

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Come join us for a Primal Pastures Chicken Processing workshop!  During this informative session you will get hands on knowledge of turning a live broiler chicken into a packaged product ready for the freezer or the dinner table.  We will focus on the 5 stages of poultry processing: killing, scalding, plucking, eviscerating, and packaging, and each workshop attendee will have the opportunity to get hands on experience with each station if so desired.  Each attendee will have the opportunity to slaughter their very own heritage breed, pasture raised, beyond organic meat bird, package it, and bring it home for their freezer ($25 value).

With the industrial revolution came a separation of American and her food system.  100 years ago it would not have been uncommon for everyday people to butcher their own chickens in the backyard.  Now, this has become a taboo and greatly misunderstood topic.  Because of the horrific slaughter conditions of factory farmed animals, people often think that chicken processing is going to be gross, mean, cruel, and inhumane.  In reality, backyard slaughter is extremely quick, humane, and NORMAL.

Whether you want to learn how to process your own birds or just want to see how things are done, the Primal Pastures Chicken Processing Workshop is a great place for you to learn and ask questions in a small group of not more than 20 people.  Their is no requirement for you to get hands-on with the processing, it is perfectly ok if you just want to watch and learn.

Included in the price of the processing workshop is a ticket to our farm tour that is occuring before the processing workshop! (12/09/17 12-1pm)

"This workshop completely changed me and my family's life. We now raise and process our own chicken. I highly recommend it!" - Josh Ball

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More Info:

Cost: $65.00/person.  Mature children, teens, and young adults are welcome with parental guardian counterpart (this was a kid's job 100 years ago).

Bring: Shoes and clothes that are ok to get dirty, sun protection, camera, and a cooler if you would like to take some product home.

Location: Primal Pastures, Murrieta, CA.

We will send all workshop attendees an email prior to the event.

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