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3/15/24: Natural Skincare Workshop with Primally Pure

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A balanced microbiome is absolutely vital for healthy, glowing skin. But so many skin tips, tools and routine recommendations are actually detrimental to this delicate ecosystem – causing a cascade of inflammatory conditions for your complexion.

Similar to how conventional farming practices are destroying the soil, conventional skin products and popular skincare trends are disrupting the valuable diversity of the skin’s microbiome. Think of the microbiome like the soil of your skin - when this foundation is flourishing, your skin does too.

Our goal is to promote and preserve the harmonious balance of bacteria, microbes and organisms that work together to support homeostasis on your skin – and in your body. Spoiler alert: Less is more when it comes to maintaining your microbiome. (We don’t have time for 10-step skincare routines either!).

Led by Primally Pure founder Bethany McDaniel and Holistic Esthetician Courtney Joy O'Connor, learn essential (and super easy) swaps in your skincare routine to reset your skin microbiome and repair skin conditions from acne to aging and everything in between.

All are welcome, but this class is targeted towards adults.  Each ticket holder will take home a starter kit to jumpstart your new skincare routine.  Bring your questions!  Q&A is welcome in this workshop-style session.

Small class size, tickets are very limited. To heal your skin, it starts here.

Member Price: $39.00/ticket (use member code: SKIN)
Non-Member Price: $59.00/ticket

Start Time: 9:30am

3/15/24: Natural Skincare Workshop with Primally Pure