Dads BBQ Workshop

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Consider it a guys day out.  Saturday, June 30 at 10am

What’s included:

  • Farm tour
  • Refuge Brewery beer
  • BBQ demo by Chef Eric Paulsen
  • A taste of bbq chicken done right

Walk the pastures with a cold beer in hand. On this guided tour, you’ll get to follow our farmers behind the gates to see what it takes to keep this farm running, learn the ins and outs of real regenerative agriculture and meet the animals face to face.

Then head back to the grill for a bbq demo by Chef Eric Paulsen, and learn how to achieve the perfect balance of crispy skin and juicy, tender meat, and taste the difference of a pasture-raised chicken cooked to perfection.

All levels of bbq experience are welcome. Whether you're a beginner wanting to feel more comfortable on your Webber, or an aspiring pitmaster, this workshop is for you. 

guido lois chef eric paulsen kiss the ground

Photo by Guido Lois for Kiss the Ground

About the Chef

After years of catering for the the stars in LA, and traveling across the country with top ranked chefs, Eric toured the farm and gained a new perspective.

"Seeing the amount of waste in the food industry left a hole in my soul, changing the system between chef and farmer is how I’ll fill it. My intention was not to leave the food industry; it’s to save it." ―Eric Paulsen, Chef/Farmer  

An advocate for using the whole animal, Chef Eric is passionate about reconnecting chefs to their local farms and educating home cooks with new techniques and recipes.


Tickets are limited, so reserve your spot now (+ makes an awesome Father’s Day gift!)

You don’t have to be a dad, this event is geared toward any guy/gal who wants to tour the farm with a cold beer in hand, and learn how to master the grill from a top ranked chef.

Included is a taste of BBQ chicken, this is not a full meal. We recommend heading over to Downtown Public for lunch- just 2 miles from the farm, serving Pasturebird chicken.

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