3/29/24: Intro to Backyard Chickens

Farm Friday


$30.00 per person


About this experience

Join us for Backyard Chickens 101, where we share our real-life experience, knowledge and lessons learned with you! At Primal Pastures we started from scratch, read up a ton and made a few mistakes along the way. Now, we're here to help you get it right from the start.

This class is all about the essentials of raising layers and broilers with confidence. We'll cover choosing the right chicken breeds, providing the best feeds and setting up comfortable shelters for your chickens.

Skip the guesswork and learn from our past blunders to make your backyard chicken journey smoother and more enjoyable. No fluff, just practical tips to get you coop to table.

Secure your first steps with our organic soy and corn free laying hens, available for $50 each, or opt for pasture pure French Toulouse Geese at $125 each. Be sure to bring suitable transportation if you plan to bring them home.

Member Price: $15.00/ticket (use code: CHICKENS101)
Non-Member Price: $30.00/ticket
Each ticket includes a dozen of our corn + soy free eggs to take home.

If you're already raising chickens for eggs or meat and want to level up or want insight on a profitable poultry business, check out Growing Profitable Poultry Ventures on 09/29.

- This event is open to individuals of all skill levels and ages. Each person attending will need to purchase a ticket.
- No ticket is required for children who do not wish to sit in on the class but are accompanying a parent who is attending the class. They are welcome to play in our eco park and on the playhouse; however, please note that there is no dedicated adult supervision provided.