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Add raw, nutrient-dense organs to your pet’s diet to keep them happy and healthy. This variety box is packed by our farmers and includes 5-7lbs of raw organs.

All items are fit for human consumption, and are pasture raised, beyond organic, soy-free and GMO-free. This is the same meat we feed our livestock guardian dogs (Great Pyrenees / Anatolian Shepherd). Boxes are packed per item availability and may change from week to week.

Your box will include at least 3 items from the following list:

  • Beef Liver (sliced, 1lb pack)*
  • Chicken Livers (1lb pack)*
  • Beef Sweetbreads / Thymus (4oz avg)
  • Beef Testicles / Mountain Oysters (whole)
  • Beef Kidney (whole)
  • Pork Liver (1lb pack)
  • Pork Kidney (1per pack)
  • Pork Spleen (1lb pack)

*Liver should never take more than 5% of your pet’s diet. Learn more

Ships frozen in an insulated box with dry ice.


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Organs are considered nature's multivitamin because they are densely packed with just about every nutrient. This includes heavy doses of B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, folic acid, & B12) as well as traces of vitamin D. Organ meats are also loaded with minerals like phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium and iodine, and provide the important fat-soluble vitamin A. Pasture raised livestock and wild game contain even higher levels of these essential nutrients than their grain-fed counterparts.

Learn more: Raw Offal and Liver Feeding Guide

New to Raw Feeding? Check out the Raw Feeding Transition Guide

Only pasture raised, beyond organic, human grade products are included in every pet food pack:


All chicken products come from our heritage breed, pasture-raised, non-vegetarian-fed, worm-eating, bug-scratching, no-soy, non-gmo Primal chickens. These birds were raised how chickens are meant to live: outside, on grass, with room to forage. Absolutely zero antibiotics, hormones, vaccines or drugs.


All of our beef is sourced from Avenales Ranch on California's Central Coast. This beef is 100% grass fed, grass finished, free range, grain free, beyond organic, ethically and humanely treated, and sustainably raised. Absolutely zero antibiotics, hormones, vaccines or drugs.

Questions? info@primalpastures.com


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