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7/19: Lost Ranch Winery

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Lost Ranch is an exciting new winery in the Temecula Valley specializing in organic, regenerative farming and natural / low intervention wine production.

Come meet our friends Joe & Jasmine, the founders of Lost Ranch Winery, sample 4 of their regenerative wines, and enjoy some light bites from our own Chef Austin.

You will have a chance to purchase Lost Ranch Wines to take home.  Their portfolio includes a 2023 Viognier, 2022 Cab, 2020 Barbera, 2020 Syrah, 2020 Roja y Blanca, and 2021 Mission.

This is a 21+ event, children are welcome to attend and enjoy the property.  You do not need to purchase a separate ticket for them.

Member Price: $20.00/ticket (use code: LOSTRANCH)
Non-Member Price: $40.00/ticket

Time: 5:00-6:30pm

More from Lost Ranch:

"We believe that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the land, which means not using synthetic chemicals that are harmful to our environment and our health. Additionally, our no-till farming and native cover crops ensure a healthy environment, rich with biodiversity. We farm with the lightest touch, integrating as seamlessly as possible with our natural ecosystem.

We also strive to find the best grape varieties for Temecula. Our goal is to find vines that require the least amount of inputs, while producing the best grapes. This means researching and farming varieties that are less prone to mildew, drought, disease, and damage from heat waves.

Our highest goal is to make the most delicious, compelling wines possible from our local vineyards. We focus on only the lightest interventions possible when producing wines. We don’t manipulate the wines with common additives, such as commercial yeasts, fermentation aids, sugars, and newly toasted oak (this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to additives used in conventional winemaking). We also leave the wines unfined and unfiltered. By keeping the process simple, clean, and focused, the wine’s true soul can shine through, showing natural character instead of winemaking manipulations."

7/19: Lost Ranch Winery