4/30/16 Bass Fishing Derby

Hello everyone, my name is Brian and I will be your host for this year's Primal Pastures Fishing Derby.  I am fortunate to come to work every day here at Primal Pastures and love coming to work each day.  When I am not taking care of the chickens, sheep, cows and pigs I spend some of my "down time" walking the banks of the farm pond.  I have have caught numerous fish from it's waters, with some reaching the seven pound class (pictured below).  I am excited to be sharing my personal honey hole with all of you and am looking forward to seeing you out at the pond.

On the afternoon of April 30, 2016 Primal Pastures will be hosting a private fishing tournament at the farm pond.  The event will be a four-stage event for participants, which will include a sign in period, seminar from Snag Proof Pro Staff members Frank Tellez and Jason Smartt.  Following the seminar, the participants will be quickly briefed on the regulations for the tournament and they will commence to fishing. The tournament will be conducted in two heats where the participants will proceed to compete for the top prize of most weight for a five fish limit. Each heat will consist of 20 anglers, and the heat will be decided by order of registration.  The only authorized bait that can be used during the tournament will be artificial lures.  The use of live bait during the tournament will result in immediate disqualification and forfeiture of their entry fee.  The tournament will be a strictly catch and release, and for any fish that are killed during the event will result in a one pound deduction on that angler's scorecard.  There will also be a prize for the largest fish weighed in.  Once the fishing period is ended, the results will be compiled and an awards ceremony will be held to acknowledge the top three anglers, and the angler who weighed in the largest fish.

The structure of the tournament will consist of up to 40 participants who will compete in the tournament.  Each participant will first pay a $20 entry fee before participating in the tournament.  If there are available spots open the day of the event, open registration will be available for $25 per person which will be held at the check-in location.  Once all anglers are checked in, a seminar will be held going over Snag Proof Lures products and techniques which will be presented by Snag Proof Pro Staff members Frank Tellez and Jason Smartt.



If you have any questions regarding the fishing derby or are curious as to what type of equipment to bring you can reach me at brian@pasturebird.com