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5/24: U-Pick Garden Training with Laura

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We are incredibly excited to launch year one of our Organic Member's U-Pick Garden.

In this ambitious project, our Garden Manager Laura Hanson is growing dozens of crops such as carrots, snap peas, broccoli, lettuces, kale, tomato, watermelon, squash, chard, and much more.

However, a garden is different from an orchard and much care must be taken when harvesting these plants.

We will have a special code for the garden gate that will be given to members who have completed the Garden Training with Laura, and then you will have open access to the garden area for u-pick.

This one hour training is offered to all members for just $1, and then you're all set for u-pick.

This is a Member's Only event.  All materials will be provided.

Member Price: $1.00/ticket (use member code: GARDEN)
Non-Member Price: $69.00/ticket (membership)

Start Time: 5:00pm

5/24: U-Pick Garden Training with Laura
  • Start Time: 5:00pm