Farmer Paul's Favorite Paleo Beef Jerky

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Now in three flavors!  If you've been shopping with us for a while, you know that a packaged food is an irregularity in our farm shop.  Especially something traditionally loaded with as much CRAP as Beef Jerky.

I've been hearing about South African "Biltong" for years, and so many South African friends rave about it that I was super excited to find a local startup food company that was making it.  And I was even more excited when I flipped it over and looked at the ingredients.

"GRASS FED BEEF, SEA SALT, VINEGAR, CORIANDER, AND BLACK PEPPER".  You guys, THAT'S IT!  And it's a delicious shelf stable snack with 45 grams of grass fed beef protein.  Very cool.

So I wanted to help them out and introduce them to you guys.  Hopefully you'll support it, and who knows, maybe someday we'll partner with them to use our very own beef if you like this :)

From the Founders:  "We are committed to providing you the finest in dry-cured beef Biltong. Our age-old South African tradition of curing meat the natural way by hanging our beef in a dry controlled climate, greatly enhances the taste and texture. This artisan process provides for a rich and tender protein of exceptional quality, freshness, and taste, that will surely tantalize your tastebuds."

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