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Bigeye Tuna are prized for sashimi and poke.  They have a moderately pronounced flavor, a high fat content with marbling near the skin and a richer flavor than Yellowfin.  Like other tuna, the texture is firm and "meaty" with large flakes.  It is best served as sushi or cooked rare to medium-rare. Over-cooked tuna is "dog food"...tough and tasteless like eating cardboard.

Recipe: Paleo Ahi Poke from Rubies and Radishes

All of our seafood products are sourced from the Pacific Ocean directly off of California shores, never from Mexico, Canada, the Atlantic, or Asia!  We carry only the highest quality and healthiest seafood available from boats that use sustainable practices that allow for the regeneration of our ocean's life.  All fish is wild caught, never farmed, and processed in certified facilities to ensure cleanliness and safety.  The fish is flash frozen and sold in filets.

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