Cappellos Gnocchi (Gluten Free Grain Free)

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On the 29th of each month, it's a tradition in Argentina to eat gnocchi. On a very simple, remarkable Patagonian farm Stacey learned to create the most deliciously light, fresh potato gnocchi. With organic potato flakes as our base, we make our delicate dough using almond flour and egg as the primary ingredients.

Cappello’s gourmet gluten free gnocchi is not only fresh and savory, it’s also easy to prepare; after the gnocchi floats up to the top of your boiling water, try sautéing it lightly in your favorite sauce — or just sauce and serve. All products are freezable and are shipped in a custom eco-cooler.


organic potato flakes, almond flour, cage-free eggs, tapioca flour, sea salt

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