Chicken Bone Broth Starter Pack



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Take the guesswork out of making bone broth, and start reaping the insane nutritional benefits of bone broth from pasture-raised chickens. This pack is designed by our farmers, and may be different each week per item availability. You can expect a mix of frozen, raw chicken bones. The pack may include chicken necks, backs, bones and/or feet (per availability).

Average 5lbs of bones per pack. 

All bones come from our pasture-raised, non-vegetarian-fed, worm-eating, bug-scratching, no-soy, non-gmo Primal chickens. These birds were raised how chickens are meant to live: outside, on grass, with room to forage.

Learn more about the nutritional benefits of bone broth from pasture-raised chickens, and check out one of our favorite recipes:

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Special requests are not accepted. If you have a question about the Starter Pack, email

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