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We are bringing our pastured eggs straight to your doorstep.  Raised 100% on pasture with nothing but grubs, grasses, seeds and certified organic, soy-free, non-GMO, chicken feed - these ladies are producing the best eggs out there.
Golden yellow, rich in flavor and vitamins - this is a quick meal perfect for any time of the day.
We are still in process of ironing out the kinks but like anything else, we can't do it without the support and willingness of our surrounding community. Thank you for being part of the early stages of our home delivery egg program!
Here are the details:
  • We are selling 54 eggs for $49, which includes free delivery (a $15 value)!
  • We are packing 60 eggs in case any break.
  • If your package has more than 6 eggs broken we will refund you $1 for each additional egg.
  • We will need photos for our own records if you receive broken eggs - it will help us improve our system.
  • Offering home delivery to CA, AZ, TX, NM, NV, UT, CO, WY, ID, WA, OR, MT
The FAQ's
  • As the bloom is still intact, they will be safe to be out of the fridge during transport.  
  • All eggs will be in a cardboard flat with foam padding for extra insurance.  
  • Once you receive your eggs you can put them in your fridge, no problem!

You can clearly see and taste the difference from your grocery store eggs, you won't be disappointed!


I'd never thought I'd buy eggs from anywhere but the market, but Primal Pastures has changed the game, with their home delivered eggs, which they have just started.  Pasture-raised chickens doing what they do, and cranking out eggs that I can't wait to incorporate into my cooking.  I love to support those who want to bring integrity back into an often questionable food supply.  Fresh from the farm, and raised better   -Charlie M.

I just ordered eggs and they came in and not one was broken!!!!  Thank you so much, I have enjoyed my eggs at breakfast for the last two days!! Yum Yum!  -Iris P. 

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