Worms at Work with Natalie

Farm Friday

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Join us for a fun and educational workshop on worm farming and composting, led by Natalie from Hey Its A Good Life! Natalie will guide us through a hands-on learning experience where we'll discover the benefits of worm farming and composting, and learn how to assemble your very own worm farm at home that you can start on a patio or scale to meet your gardening needs.

During this workshop, we'll cover the basics of worm farming and composting. We'll also discuss the environmental benefits of composting and how it can improve the health of your garden and the planet.

No prior experience or knowledge is necessary - this workshop is suitable for beginners and those looking to expand their knowledge. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an expert and take the first step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Limited spots are available, so reserve your spot today!

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Natalie is a native Southern Californian passionate about regenerative agriculture on any scale and believes in the power of choosing to bloom where she’s planted. She said yes to her big farm dream while living in the heart of the city in a 750sqft apartment which meant learning to garden and compost in almost no space.

She turned her “problems” into solutions for herself and for her growing online community of over 35K members. Over the last five years she’s shown friends online that it’s possible to garden, compost, and cook amazing meals from scratch, even if you have little to no space. She is especially known for worm farming which is an incredible way to make amazing compost quickly and easily in small or large spaces. 

She now has a community of 35,000 friends online, ebooks, and a course all designed to help people skip the mistakes she made and fast track their way to gardening and composting success. She would have never guessed this would be her path, but she’s grateful for the journey and hopes to spread that joy to everyone she encounters.