Pastured Chicken Schmaltz Fat

Pastured Chicken Schmaltz

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Pastured Chicken Schmaltz is chicken fat from our heritage breed, pastured chickens that's been rendered down into a butter-like state. Think the cooking quality of lard, but with the rich flavor of fried chicken. You'll want to use it for everything from cooking veggies, to meats to subbing out olive or coconut oil in your favorite recipes. It'll become your secret weapon for rich and savory stir fries and the most flavorful pot pie crust you can imagine.

This rendered chicken fat results from the cooking process of our Ready to Drink Chicken Bone Broth, and is infused with the same subtle flavors including garlic, thyme and parsley.

And if you're looking for healthy animal fats to include in your diet, you've just hit the jackpot with this super versatile, nutrient dense, full flavored pastured chicken schmaltz.

Ships fully frozen in a 10oz jar.

Why Everyone’s Talking About Schmaltz, The Chicken Fat You Should’ve Always Been Using

About our chicken:

Pastured-raised, non-vegetarian-fed, worm-eating, bug-scratching, organic fed, no-soy, no-GMO PRIMAL chicken wings.  This bird was raised how chickens are meant to live: outside, on grass, with room to forage.  This might very well be "The Best Chicken in the World", but will surely be the best chicken you have ever had.

The taste is absolutely out of this world.  Expect more dark meat, slightly more thigh and slightly smaller breast than your average CAFO bird.  This slow growing breed takes twice as long as the factory farm version, resulting in impressive, rich flavor and a nutritional profile that simply does not compare with the store-bought alternatives.

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