Primal Lamb Head


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Acclaimed as a rare and fine delicacy internationally, we are proud to offer Primal lamb's head.  

"The major attraction of the lamb's head is plenty of tender, juicy cheek meat that comes off easily with a brief prodding of the carving knife.  Like the pig, a sizable pocket of flesh resting behind the eyeballs slips off the skull once the cheek is removed.  And, though there's no skin on the skull, a fatty layer of tissue encases the meat so that the head browns beautifully in the oven.  Even for two people, one lamb's head provides more than enough meat.  The leftover head should be saved for stock; the skull, along with all the remaining bits of meat, will produce some of the most intensely flavored stock you've ever slurped.  Even the bits of meat, when strained through the stock, can be reserved for use in pot pies, impromptu stews, rillettes, cabeza tacos, and so forth." - Serious Eats

Recipe: Kaleh Pache - Persian Sheep's Head Soup

Recipe:  Morrocan Steamed Sheep's Head

Recipe: Capozzelli Di Angnelli (Italian Sheep's Head)

All our lamb products are raised at Primal Pastures in Temecula, Southern California and are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. They are not fed any grain.

Each package contains one sheep's head (approximately 4 pounds).

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