Primal Lamb Sausage (Sugar-Free)


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Try our new J&R Blend of Lamb sausage. Featuring that rich and flavorful taste that you have come to expect form our meats, the J&R Blend is a carefully made, 100% Paleo sausage that is a great compliment to any dish and especially tastes great as a meal all on it's own!

Ingredients: Lamb, Sage, Black Pepper, Honey, Garlic.

3 Large Sausages per Pack

All of our Lamb products come from our own Primal Pastures farm right here in Murrieta, CA and Stemple Creek Ranch in Novato, CA. The sheep are pasture raised, free range, outside, and given no antibiotics or hormones.  They eat an all natural diet of grass, and only grass. This is far and away the best lamb in California!

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