Primal Whole Goat


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Here you have it - Primal, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, grain free Whole Goat!  Pasture raised and free range, these goats are the famous South African "Boer" breed, known for their excellent meat.  Pastured Goat is an excellent source of high quality protein.  Goat is the least popular meat in the United States, but the most popular in the world, so here is your chance to try a unique meat that will provide excellent meat cuts and be sure to start conversations around the dining table.

Like lambs, goats are approximately 100lbs live weight at slaughter.  You will work with our butcher, Stafford Prime Meats, or a butcher of your choice to determine which cuts you would like, how much ground goat, and if you would like specialty items like goat bacon or goat sausage.  We encourage nose to tail eating and the whole goat package will include organ meats, bones, and head if requested.  You can expect a 40-50lb package.  Freezer requirements are typically 2 cubic feet, easily fitting in most residential freezers.

Butcher costs are not included in purchase price, and are typically:

  • $50 for whole goat prepared for spit roast
  • $100 for whole goat, standard cuts
  • Sugar & nitrate free paleo goat sausage $2-3 per pound
  • Smoked meats available upon request

All of our goats are raised in Temecula, Southern California and are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. They are not fed any grain.