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NOTE - Deposit Only: Balance due prior to order delivery.

What is the Whole Lamb Program?

The Primal Pastures Whole Lamb program is our way of providing the absolute highest quality lamb in Southern California to our neighbors at an affordable price through whole shares.  We will do all of the legwork - transportation, slaughter coordination, communication with the butcher, and delivery so that YOU can focus on your life and not feel overwhelmed with this simple (but complicated) process.

Tell me about the sheep.

Here you have it - Primal, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, grain free Whole Lamb!  Pasture raised and free range, our lambs are the famous "Dorper" breed, known for their exceptional flavor profile and "non-gamey" taste.  Grassfed Lamb is one of the richest sources of CLA in the animal protein world.  Higher in good fat than its beef counterpart, you can also expect our primal lamb to be tender, moist, and cook beautifully on the grill, in the oven, in the crockpot, or anywhere else!  Our customers have raved about the flavor and health properties of primal lamb, now you can stock your freezer!

Lambs are approximately 100lbs live weight at slaughter.  We will work with our butcher or a butcher of your choice to determine which cuts you would like, and if you would like specialty items like lamb bacon or lamb sausage.  We encourage nose to tail eating and the whole lamb package will include organ meats, bones, and head if requested.  You can expect a 40-50lb package.  Freezer requirements are typically 2 cubic feet, easily fitting in most residential freezers.

How much does it cost?

Loaded question.  Before I can answer that properly we have to address whole animal 101.  If you have purchased a whole hog, lamb, or beef before skip ahead.

The Process

So here's what happens when you order a whole hog: the animal is picked from the ranch in Temecula, Southern California and transported the same day to the closest USDA approved pig slaughterhouse in Fontana, CA.  The slaughterhouse inspects the meat for anything weird, approves, and performs the slaughter.  The carcass is then transported to the butcher for cutting and wrapping into individually sealed, cryovaced packages.  As soon as it's been cut, packaged, and chilled, it's ready for pickup (or delivery).


The next thing we need to understand is the weighing conventions used in the industry as standards.  You have 3 weights - live weight, hanging weight, and packaged weight.  Live weight is obvious, so that's easy.  Again, averages from our ranch have been 100lbs.  Hanging weight is the weight reported by the slaughterhouse after killing, bleed-out, removing the skin and any unusable portions of the lamb.  It averages 60% of the animal's live weight for a free range, outdoor animal.  Hanging weight is also the metric used for most "bulk lamb" pricing schemes.  I think that pricing off of hanging weight is misleading and counterintuitive, so we don't do it like that.  Packaged weight is how much actual product that you can put back into your freezer.  It's what you actually care about.  Since that's the number you care about, that's how we price it.  You can expect 10-15% loss from hanging weight to packaged weight due to unusable items, water weight, and evaporation.

What's normal

Every animal is different, but here's a quick breakdown based on averages:

100lb live animal

60% slaughter yield = 60lb "hanging weight"

70% butcher yield = 42lb "packaged weight"

Got it, now how much does it cost?

Here's how we're breaking it down.  These are all packaged weights.  Again, most farms use hanging weights to price bulk meats - I don't know why.  If you see somebody offering $2 or $5 per pound bulk meat, the first question you should ask is - "Is that live weight, hanging weight, or packaged weight?".  Then, check their average yields.  See, I told you this can get complicated!  Ok, on to the prices:

Whole share: $15.00/lb packaged - average 45lbs: Average: $675

Now here's the cool thing - if you were to buy all of the cuts separately you are looking at an average of over $20/lb!  That results in a 50% savings for you on a whole lamb, sweet deal!  

And what exactly am I getting?

The cost savings isn't the only great thing about buying bulk lamb, it's also the ability to control your cuts.  For those of you that are already getting overwhelmed DON'T WORRY.  We have a standard cut sheet that most people go off of.  You will get all of your favorite cuts, organ meats, bones, and ground pork.  Some of you may have specific cuts that you do or don't want.  Maybe you want to pay a little extra to have some of that ground lamb turned into beautiful sugar free, nitrate free sausage.  Maybe you have other special requests for the butcher - that's not a problem.  

But will it fit in my freezer?

That's the most common question I get.  As a general rule of thumb you should plan for 35lbs meat per cubic foot of freezer space.  A standard kitchen fridge/freezer combo is around 7 cubic feet of freezer space -  meaning that if it were totally empty (yeah right) then you could fit 245lbs of meat in there (way more than a whole lamb).  Typically a whole lamb package will fit easily into a residential freezer. 

So how do I get it?

We want to make this convenient.  So what good would all of this be if we can't deliver to you?  Lucky for you, all orders over $300 qualify for free home delivery in California, Arizona, and Nevada (see delivery range).  If you don't want to use the delivery option, you can pick up at the butcher or at the farm in Temecula.  Shoot us an email at for more info. 

Next Steps!

This is a limited quantity program, with first deposits receiving priority in the queue.  Plan up to 4-8 weeks for delivery, but sometimes it can be quicker than that if we have the product in stock.  If you have any specific questions or would like more detail on something just shoot us an email at  In order to reserve your spot in line, a deposit will be required.

Whole Lamb Deposit: $300

Balance is due prior to delivery of your product.

Questions?  Give us a call!  951-297-9933.  Phone support available between the hours of 7am-9pm PST.

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