Feed Me Raw: the Pet Food Superpack

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For years we have worked with the most conscious and responsible "pet parents" in the Southwest USA to provide them with raw pasture raised meats for their furry faced friends.  We decided to put this special package together at a deep discount to encourage more people to try out raw feeding.  

This package hits the really important wickets for either raw food supplementation, or even PMR.  We have multiple species, organ meats, bone, and muscle meat.  Only pasture raised, beyond organic, soy/GMO free.  Everything we offer is fit for human consumption!

We use raw feeding for our 13 Large Breed Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs, and tens of thousands of raw feeders are seeing the benefit of biologically appropriate raw food for their dogs and cats.  Give it a try!

The "Feed Me Raw" Pet Food Superpack - 7.6lbs

Item Weight Per Unit Units
Chicken Gizzards 2lbs  $15.75 2
Chicken Wings 13oz  $8.75 2
Ground Beef 16oz  $10.89 2

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