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Raw, Local Wildflower Honeycomb

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We offer only the highest quality raw, local, wildflower Honeycomb

Honeycomb offers a wide array of nutritional benefits as well as a deliciously sweet flavor.  Enjoy the thick, gooey richness of honey along with a waxy texture of the honeycomb. Honeycomb contains long chain fatty acids which lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, and it's just fun to eat!  Enjoy the honeycomb by the spoonful, or on your charcuterie board.    

All our honeycomb comes from Meljess Bees

The company is named after Beekeeper James Reese's two beautiful daughters Melyna and Jessica. James Reese is the Beekeeper to approximately 500 bee hives, his wife Lydia Reese is in charge of bottling and labeling, and son-in-law Dakota Anderson sells honey at local farmer's markets. 


If you're interested in learning more about honey, check out these great articles from The Primal Blueprint author Mark Sisson that detail why honey is a great alternative to processed sugars: 

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