Are you cooking Grass Fed Steaks completely wrong?

Are you cooking Grass Fed Steaks completely wrong?

In this video, Chef Austin breaks down his top 9 tips and tricks to avoid making key mistakes that will leave grass fed beef tough, dry, gamey, and chewy - and give you all the confidence you need to bring an A+ experience every single time. 

  1. Wrong Pan!  There's one clear winner when it comes to pans for steak, and I promise you it's not that thin non-stick...
  2. Pan temp.  Most folks are going TOO HOT and causing the dreaded "curl".  I've done this for years and finally fixed it with pan temp adjustment.
  3. You're touching it too much - leave it alone!  One good press into hot oil to start, then let it be until the flip.
  4. Dried out meat from over-probing.  You're letting the juices go!  Austin has an epic "hand hack" that you won't forget.
  5. Cut selection.  Do you really understand the difference between a Ribeye, New York, Filet, and other cuts like Skirt, Flat Iron, etc.
  6. You need 2 different salt types, applied at the right time.  Major hack inside for salting at the end that will change your life.
  7. How many flips?  Well it depends on your steak.
  8. Coming out tough?  You might not be resting properly...  Easy hack for knowing exactly how long to rest steak before cutting.
  9. Oil type is key.  Smoke Points are real, and if you botch this you'll get rancidity fast.  You might be surprised at the oil Chef recommends (hint: it's not a seed oil).  And - do you know WHEN to add the oil to the pan?  I didn't...

Check out the Full Video Here

What are your top tips that you think Chef left out?  Leave us a comment below! 


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Super helpful information, thank you! Had no idea about the oil timing.

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