The Cleanest Meat in America

"You are what you eat eats."

We've set the gold standard for nutrient density since starting with 50 birds in our SoCal backyard in 2012, and we have never compromised on our values.


The Primal Standard: Chicken Feed

  • Primal Pastures

    Organic Milo and Barley

    Organic Peas

    Organic Fish Meal

    Organic Olive Oil

    Insects, Bugs, and Worms

    Grasses like rye, fescue, bluestem and wild rye

    Forbs like red and white clover

    Wildflowers like aster, bergamot, and geranium

  • Everyone Else (99.999%)



The Farm

A community supported 30-acre regenerative organic u-pick farm near Downtown Murrieta that's reconnecting families to the land, building connections, and teaching resiliency. Come join us in creating a better food future for the next generation.

Our Chicken

Our Chicken

Our poultry program has been the staple of Primal Pastures since 2012, and something we're incredibly proud of.  We offer chicken... Read more

Our Beef

Our Beef

We raise and source beef with an exacting standard that less than 0.01% of American beef would qualify for. Pasture... Read more

Farmer Rob

Farmer Rob

Farmer Rob has the distinct vantage point of living two lives - one as the owner and co-founder of Primal... Read more


Not only delicious, but my body began to heal

"Primal Pastures meat has been such a gift to our family. A couple of years ago, I became sick, having an allergic reaction to almost everything I ate. After multiple tests came back inconclusive, I began searching for solutions on my own. One of the first steps I took was switching our family to Primal Pastures foods. I was all in..." - Read on.