Farmer Rob

Farmer Rob

Farmer Rob has the distinct vantage point of living two lives - one as the owner and co-founder of Primal Pastures, and the other as a Physician Assistant in the Temecula Valley.

While sitting around with family on an Easter years ago, joking with his father and brothers about starting a backyard farming operation, Rob quietly snuck away to order 50 chicks. “I thought we were being serious,” he likes to say — and when the order was placed, they quickly became serious in their mission to create healthy, quality, environmentally-conscious food accessible on the national level.

In addition to ensuring that Primal Pastures fulfills its mission of providing the purest, highest quality food products to its customers, Rob also brings his medical expertise as a Physician Assistant into everything that Primal Pastures does and stands for. Through both his formal medical training as well as his personal pursuit of health through diet, Rob’s goal is to always produce and provide the most nutritious, nutrient-packed products for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

Rob is married to his beautiful wife Liz, and is father to their three children, Emery, Levi, and Rhett. In his spare time, Rob enjoys playing and watching sports, working out, and spending time with family.

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