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Bacon Ends

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Bacon Ends are pieces at the end of the belly that get cut off before the slicer gets to the perfect uniform cuts. The ends will come in different shapes and sizes. They are great for cutting into little chunks, sautéing, and putting in your scramble eggs, brussel sprouts, baked beans, salads, and much more. 

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Honey, Natural Flavor from Citrus Fruit Extracts

No Nitrates/Nitrites.  

All of our pork products come from Primal Pastures in Temecula, CA or Clear Creek Farms in Spalding, Nebraska.  They are raised free range, outside, and given no antibiotics or hormones.  They eat a natural omnivore diet of local and seasonal fruits, nuts, vegetables, and certified organic, soy/GMO free grains.  This is far and away the best hog in Southern California.

Bacon Ends