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Summer Sizzle BBQ Box

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The Summer Sizzle BBQ Box will be offered all summer long and will complete any summer holiday celebration - just add your favorite sides. Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, birthdays or just a regular Sunday funday, whatever the reason, this box will leave your guests completely satisfied!

This box of pasture raised products can feed up to 20 people, with left overs. That works out to about $7.50 per person!

5 Uncured Beef Hot Dogs (1 package)
6 Ground Beef Patties  (2 packages)
4 Pastured Pork Fresh Bratwurst  (1 package)
12-18 Primal Chicken Drumsticks (3 packages)
2 Pastured Beef Ribeyes
1 Reload Fully Loaded (rub & seasoning)

($166 Value for only $150!)