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Family Membership (Earlybird)

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Our friends tell us it's like a "crunchy version of a country club".  They're not wrong.

We invite you to reconnect your family to the land on our certified organic edible eco-park.  The first of its kind in the world, we're a membership based regenerative u-pick farm consisting of "permaculture agroforestry", or growing fruits, nuts, berries, and animals together in harmony.

What's membership?

Access: Membership offers unique access 3 days per week (Wednesday 9am-3pm, Friday 9am-3pm, and Saturday 9am-12pm) to over 2 acres of natural open space planted with 300+ regenerative organic fruit and nut trees, and 800+ blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and elderberries.

Interested in Individual Membership or Long Distance Membership?

Membership includes "all you can eat" u-pick fruits, subject to limited seasonal availability (and your ability to find them).

We also have a certified organic, natural play space for children including a rope swing, climbing logs, a giant slide, a newly added wooden play structure, and more on the way.

Members have first access and discounted rates to our special Farm Fridays programming, including awesome activities like Chores with the Farmers, Animal Field Days, Wildlife Walks, Worm Farming, Backyard Farming, Fresh Fruit Cocktail Classes (21+), and some amazing guest speakers and teachers.

You will also have first access to purchase farm grown produce like our famous pasture raised eggs, grass fed/grass finished beef shares, summer watermelons, and fall pumpkins.

Make The Farm by Primal Pastures your home away from home, your refuge, and an extension of your garden:

  • Wander the fields or sit and relax on a blanket or chair. 

  • Bring a book, laptop (wifi available), or just your thoughts. 

  • Come alone, or bring your friends and family.

  • Let your kids run and play, or bring your homeschool curriculum and have class on the farm.

  • Keep to yourself, or meet amazing like minded folks from the real food community.

What's "Earlybird" Membership?

Our family membership program is limited to 200 families total, and we're currently offering it well below the future cost.  Members of the "Original 200" will be grandfathered in at the current price.

Please beware: this special offer is due to the fact that the property is still very much under development, with lots of work still to get it to where we want it to be long term.  So while you will have early access and a grandfathered price, the property and program are still "rough around the edges" and as an earlybird member you'll be there to grow with us.  And while we have a beautiful design plan, much of that will not be done for a few more years - so we want to reward you with a grandfathered price and unique early access.

The Ground Rules:

  • Membership is an automatic monthly renewal.
  • There is no commitment, and you can cancel at any time.  We can as well.
  • Property is used at the sole risk of the members and guests.
  • Mutual respect for neighbors is required.
  • "Family" is limited to immediate family (a spouse or significant other and their children). 
  • There is no childcare on site, and supervision is the sole duty of the parent or guardian.
  • Members or their children found intentionally damaging property will be warned, and then asked to leave.
  • Children must stay off fences and in the designated areas.
  • Guests will be permitted for a daily use fee.
  • Reservations may be required depending on capacity constraints.
  • Members are expected to clean up after themselves.
Family Membership (Earlybird)