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Biodynamic Coffee

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Conventional coffee is one of the world's most heavily sprayed crops – the toxic chemicals destroy biodiversity, degrade the soil, and negatively impact human health.  So what kind of friends would we be if we didn't search the entire world to find you the best tasting, healthiest, cleanest, and most ecologically sound coffee in the world?

  • Lab tested for mycotoxins, mold and heavy metals
  • Single estate regenerative farms

Rubicon Roast (Brazil)
For a delicate and subtle cup of coffee that showcases the natural aromas of the bean. Our goal with this Light Roast is to kickstart your day with a fresh, clean cup of coffee – perfect for a pour-over and when you’re ready to focus your mind & body.  Camocim is a family-owned coffee farm located 1 km from the foot of the mystical, monolithic mountain, Pedra Azul (Blue Rock), in the town of Domingos Martins, Espirito Santo.

Rise and Shine Roast (Brazil)
Perfect for your morning cup of joe. Rich, balanced, bold and… straight to the point! This Medium Roast is great for espresso, french press, and when you want a tasty cup of sustained energy.  This coffee is also from the Blue Rock Mountain in Espirito Santo, Brazil.

French Roast (Honduras)
Why mess with a classic, right? Smoky, bitter chocolate, low acidity but most importantly: comforting. Introducing our classic Dark Roast – it’s a great choice for automatic coffee makers and espresso.  Also a great source of phenylindanes, a set of compounds that can help protect the brain from neurodegenerative diseases.  This coffee comes from 18 Conejo, is a family-owned Biodynamic coffee farm located in Marcala, the renowned coffee growing region of Honduras.

  • Grown without the use of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
  • Unlike organic farming, which makes exemptions for the use of certain broad-spectrum natural pesticides such as rotenone, ryania and sabadilla (which kill pollinators), there are no exemptions for their use in Biodynamic farming.
  • End-to-end certification process with Demeter USA that covers the sourcing, shipping, warehousing and roasting of all the coffees we offer.

All packaging is compostable. Comes in whole bean and will need to be ground.

Biodynamic Coffee
  • Roasts: French Roast
  • Weight: 10oz Bag