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We are so stoked to bring you a coffee that is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else you have been drinking.  We have partnered with Biodynamic Coffee by Holistic Roasters to bring a truly beyond organic approach to coffee.  We offer two separate roast options which include the Rubicon, and Rise and Shine Roast.   

From the Marcala region of Honduras, the Rubicon Roast is a wonderful Biodynamic coffee grown by Contreras family farms and cooperatives. Our goal with this lighter roast is to kickstart your day with a fresh, clean cup of coffee – perfect for a pour-over or a tasty espresso when you’re ready to focus your mind & body.  It is profiled by a subtle earthy flavor that is uniquely complex.  

The Rise and Shine Roast is an upgraded dark roast.  This coffee comes from Camocim in Espirito Santo in Brazil. In 2017, Camocim took first place at the Cup of Excellence competition with one of its Biodynamic coffees.  Perfect for espresso, french press, and for those who like a strong cup of sustained energy.  It has an intense and bold flavor, with a low acidity.  Smoky in flavor with a mild nutty finish.  

Both roasts have been certified biodynamic by Demeter, the leading certifier of biodynamic products.  

From Biodynamic Coffee by Holistic Roasters:

By carefully considering everything we do – from selecting the highest quality coffee, grown using regenerative farming practices, to our 100% compostable packaging and meticulously developed roast profiles – our Biodynamic Coffee is the cleanest & tastiest coffee you can buy.

Our Biodynamic Coffee is grown without the use of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. And, unlike organic farming, which makes exemptions for the use of certain broad-spectrum natural pesticides such as rotenone, ryania and sabadilla (which kill pollinators), there are no exemptions for their use in Biodynamic farming.

In addition, we’ve completed an end-to-end certification process with Demeter USA that covers the sourcing, shipping, warehousing and roasting of all the coffees we offer.

With Holistic Roasters you can be confident that you are always getting delicious, contaminant-free coffee.

Green America has awarded Demeter Biodynamic certification 5 out of 5 stars! 

Demeter is the only “Environmental Concerns Labels” that achieved this level of recognition. It confirms that the standards honestly
reflect the best possible environmental, animal welfare, and human welfare practices.

All packaging is compostable.  

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