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Primal Ground Beef Bundle

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This ground beef bundle is a farm favorite here at Primal Pastures. These are versatile for so many great recipes: tacos, meatballs, quiche, and wherever else your creativity takes you! These ground beef products are without the sugars, fillers, and preservatives — just quality beef and simple seasonings so you can really taste the quality without all the additives.

$20 in Savings! 

What’s in the pack:

    • 2lbs Beef Chorizo Sausage 
    • 2lbs Beef Italian Sausage
    • 1lb Beef Breakfast Sausage
    • 1lb Beef Taco Meat 

    We have partnered with ranches in Oregon and Arizona to bring you the highest quality beef, which means they are always grass fed, as well as grass finished. There is no supplemental feed, antibiotics, or growth hormones ever used.

    Primal Ground Beef Bundle