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Quarter Beef Share

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Our quarter beef program is the perfect stepping stone if you have been interested in buying in bulk.  All of our quarter cows are 75lbs, and come with the cuts that are listed below.  The lead time for this order will be 6-10 weeks. This provides us with ample time to contact our ranch to schedule slaughtering and butchering.  

Buying in bulk saves you over $3/lb on our beef.  On average our beef is $15.60/lb, but with our quarter beef program, you receive these cuts for $12.60/lb.  This means that per meal (standard meal is 4oz of protein) you are paying $3.15. If you cancel your order within the 10-week time frame $400 will be nonrefundable, the remainder will be credited to the card you used.  

We have partnered with family ranches in Arizona to bring you the highest quality beef, which means they are always grass fed as well as grass finished.  There is no supplemental feed, antibiotics, or growth hormones ever used.  The Primal team has personally gone and visited the ranches and verified that our high standards are upheld.  

Cut List:
Cut Weight Quantity

Top Sirloin

8oz 8
New York Strip Steak 8oz 8
Ribeye Steak 8oz 8
Stew Meat 1lb 6
Burger patties (2 patties) 12oz  5
Chuck Roast 2lbs 3
Ground Beef 1lb Packs 47
Quarter Beef Share