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Wild Caught Blue Fin Tuna

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For the first time in Primal Pastures' history we are offering Wild Caught Blue Fin Tuna. This tuna is caught hook and line right off the coast of California. There are no massive fisheries or destructive nets used- just a couple guys going out and catching a few fish at a time. Blue fin tuna is great when made into poke or crusted with sesame seed and lightly seared. 


If someone asked you how to tell if tuna is fresh, what would be your immediate response? If you said it's bright red color, you are not alone!

Most people associate fresh tuna with a bright red color. But the secret truth is that in order to achieve that bright red color, tuna is treated with Carbon Monoxide! This type of treatment causes a chemical reaction with the oxy-myoglobin in the fish, and turns it the bright cherry red color you are used to seeing the in market, but this is not natural. Fresh tuna will begin to turn a brown-ish or even 'chocolate' color within an hour of cutting it. This in no way affects the quality or freshness of the product.

This is a main concern with this type of treatment, because a three day old piece of tuna can look the same bright cherry red colors as a three week old piece sitting right next to it even though it is well past its shelf life.

While the treatment is banned in North America, most fish are imported and therefore already treated before it enters the state.

So how do you know if your tuna is fresh? Always rely on the tried and true sense of smell and touch. Fresh tuna should have a pleasant fishy smell and a firmer flesh.