How to Save Big and Buy Pastured Meat in Bulk for Rookies

How to Save Big and Buy Pastured Meat in Bulk for Rookies


Yeah that was us, rookies. When we first learned about pasture raised meats we were all in... then we saw the price. It’s true that you often get what you pay for, but we were taking a big leap and had to do some major restructuring of the budget.

So here’s what we didn’t know at the start, but really wish we did.

Buying in bulk saves a ton- like up to $16 bucks a pound for a ribeye. Per pound.

If you’re just starting out on the journey (or if you’ve been doing it for years) get your fiends and family together and go in on a whole cow. You’ll save an average of $6 a pound, have full confidence in the meat you’re eating, and build your community around good food.

Here’s how the prices break down:


Price per pound

Whole Share price per pound

Savings per pound

Ribeye Steak




Chuck Roast




Cube Steak




Filet Mignon Tail




Top Sirloin




Filet Mignon Head




New York




Back Ribs




Short Ribs




Bottom Round




Flat Iron Steak




Sirloin Tip Steak




London Broil




Skirt Steak








Tri Tip




Bones for Stock




Ground Beef












Save Avg $6.78 / lb


We set our prices per weight of cut (aka packaged weight), not hanging weight (learn more here). That makes a big difference when it comes to the overall cost, and saves you even more. 

Every cow is different, but here’s a sample of how the pricing could work out:

Packaged weight: 400lbs
Whole Share Deposit: $1,800
Remaining Balance: $2,200
Total: $4,000

Divide that total amount between your friends and family, and you’re looking at a long-lasting supply of pasture raised beef at a fraction of the cost.

Check out more details and place your deposit for a whole, half or quarter share here.

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