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Raw, Local, Unfiltered Wildflower Honey

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We offer the highest quality rawunfiltered, local, beyond organic wildflower honey in the world. 

Raw Honey is an amazing superfood that has been used throughout history for its sweet and medicinal properties. It is the only food on the planet that will never rot or spoil.  Honey is antibacterial and has been proven in studies to be more effective than neosporin as an antiseptic. The problem with honey in today's markets is that the honey you find in your grocery store and possibly even in your local health food stores are not the same as the honey you find in a real beehive, not even close!   

Similar to "Cage Free" or "Free Range", the term "Raw" is unregulated so it is legal to put on any label no matter how processed and filtered it has been. What makes raw honey special is that it has not been heated or filtered. Filtering is devastating to the nutritional quality of honey because it removes the bee pollen which is the most nutritious part of the honey and very beneficial in helping people overcome local allergies and hay fever. Heating is also devastating because of the destruction to natural enzymes in the honey that help your body's digestion and may be important in mitigating the inflammatory damage inherent in digestion of sugars.  Because of these factors, the only way to really guarantee the quality of honey is to know where it is coming from. 

All our honey comes from Meljess Bees

The company is named after Beekeeper James Reese's two beautiful daughters Melyna and Jessica. James Reese is the Beekeeper to approximately 500 bee hives, his wife Lydia Reese is in charge of bottling and labeling, and son-in-law Dakota Anderson sells honey at local farmer's markets. 

We asked Dakota to share a little about their honey and process.

From Dakota:

What sets our honey apart is the process from which we bring our honey from the hive and straight to your kitchen.  Our honey is the purest, rawest, most unfiltered honey that can possibly be made, comparable to eating it straight out of the honeycomb (though much more cost effective). Since we produce local honey on a small scale our production process is unparalleled in product quality. These are our own personal bees, so we can tell you exactly where it is coming from and what flowers' nectar is used in the creation of this honey.

We can guarantee that this is 100% pure honey, no dilution or rice/HFC syrups (AKA what you find in the store). We do NOT heat our honey in blistering hot processing units necessary for mass production to combat crystallization. And most importantly, since we personally jar every bottle of honey we are able to do something very special that allows the cleanest, most nutritious honey on the planet.

After the extraction process honey tends to be very dirty, sadly full of bees, bee body parts, and wax. Due to this, filtering is normally necessary to create the pristine clear, liquid you might be used to. Because we strive to create the best honey on the planet we skip the ultra filtration process and actually leave our honey in our bottling unit overnight (a luxury larger scale production are not afforded).  This allows all the impurities to float to the top where we can remove it by scraping off the top layer. This allows us to have 99% clean, optimally nutritious raw honey.

Thank you for your interest in Meljess bees and we hope you enjoy our honey!

Dakota Anderson, Meljess Bees

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Raw, Local, Unfiltered Wildflower Honey
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