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Ribeye Steak

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One of the most well-known steaks - the ribeye is a boneless steak cut from the upper ribs, essentially individual slices from the prime rib roast. It’s intense-marbling helps keep every bite juicy and full of that beefy flavor that comes from grass-fed, grass-finished cattle. Steak lovers will enjoy the hearty flavor of a gourmet, grass-fed ribeye steak.

We have partnered with ranches in Oregon and Arizona to bring you the highest quality beef, which means they are always grass fed, as well as grass finished. There is no supplemental feed, antibiotics, or growth hormones ever used.

Recent Customer Review:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Really Good Ribeyes

"I am a refugee from Belcampo. Primal Pastures ribeyes are better than Belcampo's were. Really excellent grass finished ribeyes."
- Jeff C.

Ribeye Steak
  • Weight: 10oz