Frequently Asked Questions

We started our farm because we simply couldn't find what we were looking for. Pasture Raised, Organic, Corn and Soy Free Meats. Grass Fed, Grass Finished, and Pasture Pure Beef. We live for the details, and believe that transparency is the future of food - so for us, nothing is off limits and no question is a bad question. Here's a list of some of the most common questions we get, but always feel free to reach out to us and the world class Primal Pastures customer service.

Farming, Feed, and Animals

What do you feed your chickens?

Our chickens live on pasture everyday, all day, morning and night - in addition to grass, seeds, bugs, worms and they are also fed a supplemental organic, corn-free, soy-free, non-GMO chicken feed made up of organic milo, barley, peas, fishmeal, and olive oil.

Is your farm organic?

Yes and no. Organic certification is prohibitively expensive and requires an enormous amount of paperwork, making it difficult for small farms and exceedingly more accessible for large scale industrial organic farms. Our meats all go well beyond the organic standards, and for any supplemental feed (chickens and pigs), that is either certified organic or grown according to certified organic standards but not actually certified do to costs. Our 30 acre regenerative organic u-pick farm in Murrieta is certified organic, to eliminate concerns for new members.

What makes your chickens different?

Our chickens live 24/7 outside on pasture.  That is not true for 99.9999% of chickens in the USA, even free-range or organic chickens spend the vast majority of their lives indoors. We rotate our birds onto fresh pasture daily, which completely eliminates the need for drugs, antibiotics, or vaccinations and helps put manure where it belongs!

Our chicken feed is different than even some of the most revered farms in the nation, boasting an ALL-ORGANIC, non-gmo, and low PUFA blend of Milo, Barley, Peas, Fishmeal, and Olive Oil.

Remember, "You are what you eat eats".

Do you offer farm tours?

Check out our Farm page.

We love nothing more than having people out to the farm to see how their food is grown and taste the deliciousness of regenerative agriculture, soil health, and farming for nutrient density.

Please note, we partner with multiple farms to fill our farm shop, so you may or may not see every type of product and animal being raised on farm.

Want to start your own farm?

We were inspired by the greats: Joel Salatin, Alan Savory, Greg Judy, and many others. And it's our highest honor to be an inspiration to up and coming farmers.

We host weekly in person programming on Friday Mornings at the farm covering a range of topics like backyard chickens, homesteading basics, advanced permaculture, profitable poultry ventures, and more. Check out the farm page for more info.

When we were just starting out, Pastured Poultry Profits by Joel Salatin was like the Bible for us - we'd highly recommend you read it.

There's also a lot of good information at the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APPPA) website, so check that out as well.

Orders & Shipping

Do you deliver nationwide?

Yes! While we focus our efforts in the Southwest US and believe deeply in the local food movement, we also understand that our specific raising practices and feed standards are extremely hard to come by and we want to make our products available to all. We are proud to have in-house pick and pack services, enabling us to offer competitive rates on home delivery nationwide.

What is the cutoff to receive orders this week?

California Orders ship four days per week, Monday through Thursday. Orders placed after 10:00am PST on Thursday will be processed and shipped the following week.

Nationwide orders ship three days per week, Monday through Wednesday. Orders placed after 10:00am PST on Wednesday will be processed and shipped the following week.

Farm Pick-Up is available Wednesday-Friday from 9am to 3pm, and Saturday from 9am to 12pm. Order cut off is 12:00pm for pickup the following day. Orders placed 12:00pm Friday will not be available until the following week.

Do you offer farm pickup?

Not only do we offer it, we love it! Farm Pickup is the best way to reduce shipping costs, reduce our carbon footprint, and connect with the farm.

We offer farm pickup Tuesday-Friday from 9am to 3pm, and Saturday from 9am to 12pm. Order cut off is 12:00pm for pickup the following day. Orders placed 12:00pm Friday will not be available until the following week.

Do you ship with dry ice?

We pack all of our boxes with recyclable insulated liners, as well as dry ice.  We calculate the dry ice needs for each individual address to ensure you receive your meat perfectly frozen.  It is very common for the dry ice in your package to have dissipated by the time it arrives to you. As long as the meat is still cold to the touch, the products have not been compromised.  

Can I delay my order?

If you would like to delay your shipping to the following week or a specific date please email us at Otherwise, all orders will be processed and shipped as soon as possible in the order they were received. For further inquiries, contact us at

Do you offer a military discount?

As a proud veteran family and supporter of our armed forces, Primal Pastures is proud to offer 10% off select products* for Active Duty, Retirees, Veterans and Military Spouses as our way of thanking our service members.

Please email a copy of your Military / VA ID card, State issued Drivers license or ID, which shows your Veteran designation or other proof of service to

*Discount does not apply to shares or stash boxes that are already discounted.

Order & Shipping Details

All orders received are processed immediately and will be packaged and shipped at the earliest convenience. If you would like to cancel your order or combine multiple orders, please contact Customer Service at as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate you to the best of our ability, however, if the order has already been processed and packaged, changes may not be possible. In the event that you receive an incorrect item, or an item is missing from your order, please reach out within two business days, and we will be sure you are taken care of!

Quality is our priority and our meat is flash frozen at the peak of freshness. All orders are individually packed in a box with insulated liners as well as dry ice. We calculate the dry ice needs for each individual address and our goal is to always get the products to you frozen. However, we cannot guarantee that every cut will remain completely frozen. As long as the meat is cold to the touch, products have not been compromised. If any of your items are warm, please let us know so we can make this right.

We have chosen to trust FedEx to deliver all orders. You will receive three confirmations: an order confirmation immediately upon purchase, a confirmation when your order is being packed and a confirmation when your order has been picked up by FedEx. All packages will be left without a signature and can be delivered as late as 8pm.

P.O. box addresses are not accepted.

We are not responsible for incorrect addresses or mistakes entered in shipping details. Any shipping instructions should be entered into the ‘note to seller’ section at checkout (NOT in the address section). We will forward shipping instructions onto FedEx, however, we cannot guarantee drivers will follow instructions.