Our Team

Farmer Rob

Farmer Rob
Founder and Owner

Rob is the owner and a co-founder of Primal Pastures. While sitting around with family on an Easter years ago, joking with his father and brothers about starting a backyard farming operation, Rob quietly snuck away to order 50 chicks. “I thought we were being serious,” he likes to say — and when the order was placed, they quickly became serious in their mission to create healthy, quality, environmentally-conscious food accessible on the national level.

In addition to ensuring that Primal Pastures fulfills its mission of providing the purest, highest quality food products to its customers, Rob also brings his medical expertise as a Physician Assistant into everything that Primal Pastures does and stands for. Through both his formal medical training as well as his personal pursuit of health through diet, Rob’s goal is to always produce and provide the most nutritious, nutrient-packed products for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

Rob is married to his beautiful wife Liz, and is father to their two children, Emery and Levi. In his spare time, Rob enjoys playing and watching sports, working out, and spending time with family.

Farmer Austin

Farmer Austin
Director of Operations

Farmer Austin came to us as a former Chef in Michelin-star Kitchens. Austin is used to working with premium products, which is what drew him to Primal Pastures. Seeking a change after 12 years in the business that would allow him to breathe fresh air and spend more time with his wife and three children, Austin decided to step out of the kitchen and into the pasture. Austin seamlessly manages our inventory and website, orders supplies, gives farm tours, and is always willing to help do whatever it takes to make this farm run smoothly. Outside of work, you can find Austin playing tennis, camping, fishing or with his family.

Michelle Benavidez

Michelle B.
Customer Service

Michelle is Primal Pasture’s Customer Service Representative. Before joining our team, Michelle was a loyal Primal Pastures customer, who deeply cared about food for her and her family’s health. Michelle organizes office needs, checks orders, loves getting to know customers that pick up orders from the farm, and is likely the one speaking to you whenever you reach out to Primal. In her free time, Michelle enjoys being with her husband and daughter, serving at church and attempting her first garden.
Cami O'Neal

Cami O.
Marketing Specialist

Cami is Primal Pastures Marketing Specialist. She is the one behind the camera, bringing the farm life to you through social media and weekly emails. When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending her free time with family and friends, going to church, and recently starting getting into wood working and furniture flipping.

Farmer Ben

Farmer Ben is the newest member to join the Primal Pastures team. He was first brought on to help pack orders weekly but quickly took on more responsibility and is now our full time farmer. He moves the animals to fresh pasture, ensures they always have water, collects eggs, helps make repairs around the farm and still goes to packing weekly. When he isn’t farming or packing your orders he is out playing sports, working out or spending time with family and friends.