Our Values

Four mobile chicken coops in large green pasture surrounded by trees and blue skies.

A core set of values form the foundation of any good company. At Primal Pastures, our values guide our everyday decision-making, how we interact with our farm, our animals, and our customers. We hope these values resonate with you as a part of our Primal family.

  1. Good Health is Fundamental - A healthy body is critical to living your best life. We started Primal Pastures from our collective desire to address various health issues surfacing in our friends and family members. ‘You are what you eat,’ the saying goes and we knew that to obtain optimal health and well being, we had to drastically clean up our diets. Our pasture-raised, beyond organic, GMO/chemical/hormone/soy-free products are a result of our quest for the most wholesome foods and we couldn’t be happier with the direct effects it has had on our health.

  2. You Deserve Unrivaled Quality - A quality product starts on the farm, but extends to everything that comes in contact with it. This applies to our customers, our animals and our land. Primal Pastures is premium in every sense of the word and has been from the very start. We pledge full customer transparency, the utmost in animal husbandry practices and diligent stewardship of our land and natural resources.

    1. Customers - We pledge the absolute highest level of customer service. If you have a question, we’ll answer it. If you have a problem, we’ll fix it. As a Primal customer, you’re like a member of our own family and will be treated as such at every interaction.

    2. Animals - We pride ourselves on the highest standards of animal welfare. Our animals have constant access to the outdoors, to healthy feed and to caring humans. Our animal husbandry practices aim to mimic natural processes and include rotational grazing, all-natural feed, chemical-free pastures and nonstop fresh air and sunshine. 

    3. Land - Primal Pastures works in balance with nature, maintaining a symbiotic relationship with the land and the resources upon which we depend. Healthy soil, waterways and air quality are fundamental to our operations and we intend to do our part to keep these resources in their cleanest state. After all, if our land isn’t healthy, our animals can’t be, either.

  3. Knowing Your Farmer Matters - Our customers are entitled to know what’s in their food, how it’s raised and who raised it. At Primal Pastures, we ensure transparency of our day-to-day operations in many ways, including inviting customers onto the farm to see where and how we work. We want you to get to know the people and places behind your food and expect customers to ask questions and hold us accountable. If something you see, hear or read leaves you scratching your head, we’re here to talk.

  4. Access is Everything - Quality, healthy, sustainably grown food products should be available to everyone. By shopping on our online store, you are guaranteed premium, regenerative products delivered fresh to your doorstep. Not only are our products just a click away, so is our team. Connect with us by phone or email, join a farm tour or participate in one of our on-farm educational events. The access points are many and we hope they provide you with an opportunity to learn more about our community farming operation. 

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