Beef Bones



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Get the gut-healing and immune-boosting benefits of homemade bone broth with pasture raised beef bones.

Our bones are:

  • Grass fed
  • Grass finished
  • Grain free
  • Sustainably & humanely raised
  • Zero antibiotics, vaccines or hormones

Each pack is an average of 3lbs, shipped frozen.


About Our Beef:

Beef bones are sourced from Avenales Ranch on California's Central Coast. The cattle roam 18,000 acres, ensuring that the beef is 100% grass fed, grass finished, free range, grain free, beyond organic, ethically and humanely treated, and sustainably raised, with zero antibiotics, hormones vaccines or drugs. The Primal Pastures team has visited the locations to verify that all standards are being upheld. Learn more here.


Recommended Recipe:

How to Make Bone Broth from Wellness Mama

wellness mama bone broth

+ add Pastured Beef Marrow Bones and Primal Chicken Feet to your broth for extra gelatin & omega 3's.

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