Primal Lamb Riblets

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Easy to prepare, these delicious ribs are a sure crowd pleaser. Serve them as an appetizer or for the main course.

The Dorper breed produces a much more mild and sweet flavor than traditional lamb or mutton. These sheep have been raised on 100% native, California grasses, which also contributes to a much more palatable flavor than their grain-fed counterparts.

While most people can taste a big difference between a young lamb and older sheep (mutton) the Dorper breed maintains a consistent flavor profile throughout its entire life.  Due to USDA regulations, some packages may be labeled “sheep” while others are labeled “lamb,” but because of how these sheep were raised, you can expect the same flavor profile throughout.

All our lamb products are raised at Primal Pastures in Temecula, Southern California and are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. They are not fed any grain.

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