Exposed! Antibiotic-Free

This week's #labelgames BS meat marketing term is...

"Antibiotic Free"

Because "Antibiotic Free" doesn't mean the animals are free of antibiotics at all.  Shame on you, consumer, for such a preposterous assumption!  From conversations with many farmers and industry experts over the last several weeks, I have learned that:

As long as the farm veterinarian prescribes the antibiotics, and they are not administered within 36 hours of slaughter -- the meat is still considered "Antibiotic Free".

Wait, for real!?!?  Yes.  Here's a list of just the injectable beef antibiotics that are common in the industry (link):
  - Amoxicillin
  - Ampicillin
  - Benzathine
  - Ceftiofur Hydrocloride
  - Ceftiofur Sodium
  - Enrofloxacin
  - Erythromycin
  - Florfenicol
  - Oxytetracycline
  - Penicillin (Procaine)
  - Sulfadimethoxine
  - Sulfamethazine
  - Tilmicosin
  - Tylosin

Hopefully, you guys know that when WE say antibiotic free - we mean what we say.  That means no antibiotics EVER, EVER, EVER.  How is this possible?  We raise animals outside, on grass, with fresh air, sunshine, and a healthy diet of certified organic soy/GMO free feed.  They don't need it!
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