Breakfast on the Farm

So yesterday we said if 100 people liked the idea of a Primal Pastures "Breakfast on the Farm" then we would create the event. Well it's been about 18 hours since that post and 254 of you have said you like the idea. SO - here you go! We're limiting this event to 20 guests.

"Join Chef Jamie and the rest of the Primal Pastures crew for the first ever 'Breakfast on the Farm', hosted at Primal Pastures - Southern California's premier sustainable livestock farm. Enjoy a full Farm to Table breakfast, complete with Primal Pastures pastured eggs, local sustainable grass-fed meats, and seasonal farm-fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Enjoy delicious food, the open air, watching livestock graze, and good conversation with like-minded people while you support your local Family Farm."

See the details and get your tickets here:

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