Farmer Paul's Podcast with Tim Young of Small Farm Nation

Hey guys, Farmer Paul here!  In addition to our regular customer service emails working hard to sell some of the best meat in the world, we get a lot of requests from farmers and soon-to-be farmers about how we grew our pasture raised meat business over the last 5 years. I took some time and sat down with Tim Young of Small Farm Nation to talk business, marketing, and scaling with integrity into wholesale markets and beyond.

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In this Episode, you'll learn:

  • How a health issue led to the creation of Primal Pastures.
  • Why Paul doesn’t believe in an “ideal customer.”
  • Paul’s tips for starting and scaling a pastured poultry business.
  • Why Paul does not like the farmers market model for selling meats.
  • How and why Pasturebird and Primal Pastures ship frozen meats.
  • The demographics of Primal Pastures customers.
  • How Pasturebird began selling meat to the Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers.
  • The right way to use Kickstarter, and how to raise money for your farm business.
  • And tons more!
  • Don’t forget to check out the Small Farm Nation Academy whenever you’re ready to GET GROWING!


A lot of people have started a small pastured poultry operation. But how many actually turn them into a thriving business? Today, you’ll hear how one person quit his job as an accountant and started a business that’s producing 300,000 chickens a year, all on pasture.

So you know how I’m often talking about how important it is to treat your farm business as just that. A BUSINESS rather than a hobby farm? Well today, you’ll hear the story of someone who’s doing just that, and doing it well.

I’m speaking with Paul Grieve of Pasturebird, a pastured poultry operation whose meat birds are enjoyed by the Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers and numerous chefs and consumers in southern California.

Paul is also one of the founders of Primal Pastures, a family-owned pastured farm offering grassfed beef, lamb, chicken, pork and more. But whereas Primal Pastures sells directly to the public, PastureBird was created to sell wholesale. So Paul and I discuss selling wholesale vs direct to consumers, and we also discuss shipping meat, since both Pasturebird and Primal Pastures do exactly that.

Paul discusses how online marketing and public relations have been invaluable tools in building their business, from start-up to multi-million dollars per year in just a few short years. Paul also discusses the importance of building a recognizable farm brand, something you’ve heard me talk about many times.

You’re gonna love Paul’s inspiring story, so listen in."

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