Everyone is Faking this Claim

Everyone is Faking this Claim

How is it possible that 24,000 chickens crammed inside of this warehouse could POSSIBLY be labeled as Pasture Raised?  Read on to find out how not only is this legal, it’s also the industry-standard.

The Pasture Raised Scam

This has to be one of the most frustrating things happening in food right now.


Companies have figured out the loophole, and consumers are falling for it hook line and sinker.


There will be over $1 BILLION of “Pasture Raised” egg sales this year.  Massive companies like Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, all suddenly offering eggs from “Pasture Raised Hens”.


But there’s a huge, gaping problem that nobody is willing to speak up about.


These hens are spending anywhere between 0% (most common) and 2% of their lives actually on a pasture.


That means they’re spending between 98% and 100% of their lives inside of a warehouse, exactly the same as Free Range and Organic Chicken.

How are they getting away with it?

It’s actually very straightforward - they found a loophole in the regulation.


All that the regulation requires is ACCESS to the outdoors.


And while that might sound great on paper to you if you don’t have much experience in poultry - it means NOTHING for whether the bird every stepped foot on pasture or not.


And even that extremely easy loophole is barely audited at all.


In order to qualify for USDA approval to use the term pasture raised, guess what’s required?




Are you kidding me?

Who are the bad actors?

I hate to burst your bubble, but those “Pasture Raised Eggs” you see in the grocery store are almost 100% what I’m referring to here.


Yes, that means Vital Farms, Handsomebrook, Trader Joes, Costco, and basically everything at Whole Foods.  Vital Farms even admitted that they’ve kept up to 90% of their birds locked indoors for months at a time because of Bird Flu.  Never felt the need to change packaging…


And most certainly any “Pasture Raised Chicken” you find in those markets as well.


The two exceptions I’m aware of are Alexandre Kids Farm Eggs and Pasturebird Chicken.

What frustrates me the most…

It’s actually not the animals being raised indoors.


It’s the hard working people spending a lot of extra money to purchase these eggs that they believe are more nutrient dense for their families.


The Greenwashing is out of control, and consumers are paying the price.


It’s completely misleading, unfair, and wrong.

And please - don't take my word for it.  Reach out to these companies directly and ask them about their standards for pasture raised.  They will either A) Lie or B) tell you all about the "Access" that they have (which means nothing).

But what about the Orange Yolks?

Come on folks, please don’t fall for that.


Orange yolks are easily produced indoors through a feed additive called Xanthophyll, commercially known as OroGlo.


It costs them a few pennies, and makes them hundreds of millions.

How is Primal different?

When we say “Pasture Raised” - we mean that every single bird was truly Raised on Pasture.  Seems pretty straight forward to us.


That doesn’t mean they were raised in a huge barn with “Access” to pasture - it means they truly spent their life (after brooding) on the grass 24/7.


We accomplish this through the use of floorless, mobile, protective coops.  The birds can range in and around the coops, foraging for a rich diet of grasses, seeds, bugs, and worms, and every 24 hours the coop is moved to a new position to start the process over.


You see, if we didn’t move our coops, pretty quickly the birds would be living on their own manure, not on pasture anymore.


This is critical to keep our land and animals healthy.

Our birds have the perfect combination of life on pasture 24/7 after brooding, but also protection from predators and adverse weather in our Mobile Coop.  It moves to fresh pasture every single day.

And that’s not the only way we’re different

We’re not afraid of being different - we’ve built our entire business on it.


We’re proud to do things differently than everyone else in the industry, and providing ultra high-quality products for you and your families.

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