Watch out for Vaccines in Chicken

Vaccines.  It’s a contentious subject.

Today I’m not here to tell you whether they’re right or wrong, good or bad.

But for Primal Pastures - our goal is to provide the gold standard in clean meat.

That means our chicken is Raised on Pasture, Corn and Soy Free, fed Certified Organic, free of any GMO’s, and also 100% free of any antibiotics, drugs, ionophores, or vaccines.

You see, even Certified Organic chicken still receives a host of drugs, ionophores, and vaccines.

And think about it - they have to.

Raised in flocks of over 20,000 chickens living on top of each other in warehouses, these birds live, eat, sleep, and poop in the same place day after day.  

Removing Vaccines, Drugs, and Ionophores from this equation could be devastating.

The Marek’s Vaccine, for example, is administered to 99.999% of baby chicks and contains the virus strain as well as penicillin and streptomycin sulfate as bacteriostatic agents.

The Newcastle Vaccine, used in virtually every single chicken raised for meat, contains Gentamicin, dangerous for kidneys and hearing.

The Primal Standard

Understand, this is not some “Anti-Vax” position by Primal Pastures.  It’s about looking at the cause.

“WHY” does poultry production rely on these synthetic additives to keep birds healthy and alive?

We look at the issue from a completely different angle.

How can we provide the optimal conditions of fresh air, healthy diet, exercise, and Vitamin D so that these synthetic additives are not needed?

However, it’s not easy to even find a reliable chick supply that will provide us with Vaccine-Free chicks.  We had to search the country high and low, and were told over and over that it simply cannot be done.

Well, it can be, and we’re really proud to offer you and your family what we believe is truly the cleanest poultry product in the USA today.

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