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Bee Pollen

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Turn any meal into a superfood with our Wildflower Bee Pollen.

These tiny superfood bundles are packed with a load of important nutrients essential to the human body.  Sourced from wildflowers this bee pollen is a great addition to a healthy life-style.

  • Helps with seasonal allergies:  It aids in preventing the release of histamine which causes allergies but it is important to purchase it locally.  Mix it with a spoonful of honey and you’re doing double duty on allergy prevention!
  • Pumped with nutrients:  essential amino acids, wide array of vitamins, flavonoids and fatty acids.
  • Serious anti-inflammatory properties

Slightly nutty, a little bitter and sweet - it’s great on granola or yogurt, your favorite smoothie or baked goods.  You can even eat a spoonful with some honey for a maximum health punch!

Keep in mind, if you are allergic to bees to please discuss this with your healthcare provider before taking this as a supplement.

Sold in 16oz glass jars.